{{{Statement issued in the wake of the Paris International Conference Against Terrorism}}}{{{convened by MPCT(Mouvement Pour la Paix et Contre le Terrorisme) on September 11 2007}}} {{Our assessment}} We , citizens and representatives of associations from civil society in our respective countries, gathered in Paris on Sep 11 2007 observed that Terrorism which dealt a tragic blow to civilians in the US 6 years ago has continued to jeopardize humanity and claim ever increasing victims Within two years, between 2004 and 2006, the number of terror victims increased by 40%. In 2007 successive carnages carried out by terrorists mostly in the barbaric style of “suicide ” attacks have left behind a ghastly amount of casualties and suffering. Terrorism has been allowed to do harm far too long. It must always be condemned, whoever the perpetrators. The world wide growth of terror and particularly of “suicide” type of terrorism, is by no means spontaneous. It has been preceded and induced by a wide campaign conducted in favour of a retrograde totalitarian and deathly ideology, Islamism, bent on conquest, overwhelming the individual, fomenting hatred, exhaling “martyrdom” i.e. transforming individuals into offensive weapons. {{Our commitment}} We affirm that the condemnation of terrorism must be absolute, universal and unconditional.We insist that acts of terrorism targeting civilians, hostage taking and assassination, can never be tantamount to resistance. Together we stress that no cause, however just it may be, can justify resorting to “suicide” bombing, terror attacks aimed at civilians, attacks of innocent people, kidnapping and murdering hostages, irrespective of their nationalities. We therefore subscribe fully to what Camus once said : “No matter the cause defended it will invariably be dishonoured by a blind massacre of innocent , when the perpetrator knows beforehand that he will attain women and children.” Not withstanding our differences and irrespective of our opinions, aspirations and other commitments, we hereby solemnly call together on public opinion to express a categorical rejection of terrorism. {{Our demands}} We urge all national, regional and international bodies as well as NGOS to refrain from bestowing even a semblance of legitimacy on terrorist organizations – that is such organizations that masterminded, funded or claimed terror attacks targeting civilians. We ask them to condemn unconditionnally terror attacks targeting civilians. [[We take into account the reservations made by Asociacion Victimas del Terrorismo and Associazione Italiana Vittime del Terrorismo which do not wish to distinguish between civilian and military victims.]] We further demand that those who mastermind, perpetrate and champion acts of terrorism, together with organizations enlisting candidate and hatching “suicide” attacks be brought to justice and condemned. We demand that terrorist crimes come under the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court.Our decisions With a view to pursuing this campaign – the difficulty of which we fully grasp – we decide to constitute ourselves into an International Alliance Against Terrorism. To this end we decide to form a Bureau whose task will be to :Maintain contact and debate between citizens and organizations of different countries involved in this endeavour. Develop advocacy and popularise the struggles led by terror victims associations in different countries.Collect and circulate information on the defence of terror victims, maimed or threatened in all countries.{{Honour the memory of terror victims.}}Promote educational programs aimed at analysing, exposing and curbing the spread of terrorists ideology.Advertise our fight, seeking comprehension and support, building and strengthening the International Alliance Against Terrorism in an ever increasing number of countries Bring pressure on national, regional and international authorities urging them not to give in to terrorist blackmail Possibly turn to justice in order to help contain the wave of criminal ideas condoning terrorism [[Only an organization having had a legal existence for 5 years is entitled to issue a legal sue.]]Prepare for the next International Conference to be held no later than 2009 that will asses the progress of our action. October 19 2007Huguette Chomski Magnis, President of Mouvement Pour la Paix et Contre le Terrorisme (France)Michael Gallagher, Chairman of Omagh Support and Self-Help Group, Campaigning for the Human Rights of Victims of terrorism (Northern Ireland)Luca Guglielminetti, International Relations manager of AIVITER Associazione Italiana Vittime del Terrorismo (Italy)Cherifa Kheddar, President of Djazairouna (Algeria)Gabriel Moris, Vice-President of Asociacion Victimas del Terrorismo (Spain)Arnold Roth, President of Keren Malki (Israel)Philip Spencer, Representative of The Euston Manifesto (Great-Britain) Contact :[>]