Et pendant ce temps là au Darfour , l’épuration ethnique continue ….Un appel mondial circule sur le net …”Global citizens : join us on Sunday , September 17 !”

In Darfur: Thousands of innocent people are still losing their lives in DarfurDespite the signing of a Darfur peace agreement on 5 May, 2006, the violence in western Sudan has not stopped; in some parts of Darfur, in fact, the violence has grown worse. People are still being killed and raped and displaced — every single day.Currently there is only a small, under-equipped peacekeeping force on the ground in Darfur. If the violence is to end, however, and aid is to reach those who need it, a larger, international peacekeeping force is needed. {{Global Citizens – Join us on Sunday, September 17 to call for: }}-Protection for civilians -Humanitarian Aid -International leadership to end the crisis.Last year, on September 17th, world leaders at a United Nations’ summit pledged {“to take collective action …if national authorities manifestly fail to protect their populations from genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity.”} Our leaders have failed to take collective action: let’s show them how. On Sunday September 17th, 2006, people from around the world will urge their own governments and the United Nations to protect the people of Darfur{{We hope that you will join us on the” Global Day of Action for Darfur.”}}