International petition : NO TO TERRORISM

We, citizens from various countries know that terrorism keeps hitting and threatening humankind. Slaughters follow slaughters, in most cases perpetrated through ghastly “suicide bombing” .We are appalled at the number of terror victims.This rampant plague has been thriving for too long.Its worldwide development and particularly the development of “suicide terrorism”, which we are facing, is in no way spontaneous. It is the result of an intensive propaganda spreading a reactionary, deadly and totalitarian ideology, mainly supported by Islamism, which crushes individuals, glorifies hatred, “martyrdom” and murder and turns human beings into weapons. We claim that condemnation of terrorism must be absolute, universal and unconditional, whatever the origin of the perpetrators .We claim that, under no circumstances, targeting civilians, taking and murdering hostages can be considered as a resistance fight.Together we claim that no cause can justify resorting to “suicide” bombing , to deliberate attacks of non fighters, to terrorist attacks of innocent people, to kidnapping and murder of hostages, whatever their nationalities. We fully adopt the words of Albert Camus :“Whatever cause one defends, it will be dishonoured for ever by resorting to the blind massacre of an innocent crowd, when the murderer knows in advance he will kill women and children.”Beyond our differences and whatever our options, our hopes, our fights, we call on public opinion to stand against terrorism.We urge national, regional and international bodies as well as all Non Governmental Organisations to refuse to grant any legitimacy to terrorist organisations, which have given orders, funded, claimed responsibility, advocated or condoned terrorist attacks.We want those who perpetrate, advocate, organize terror attacks, give orders and recruit “suicide” terrorists to be judged and condemned. November 23 2008{{First signatories}} {{Algeria}}Halim Akli, laicity activist Cherifa Kheddar, Président of Association Djazairouna des Familles Victimes du Terrorisme Islamiste {{Argentina}}Victoria Villaruel, CELTYV – Centro de Estudios Legales sobre el Terrorismo Y sus Victimas{{France}}Ingrid Betancourt Françoise Rudetzki, founder of SOS AttentatsFodé Sylla, Member of Economic and Social CouncilJean-Claude Buhrer-Solal, journalistOlivia Cattan, President of Paroles de FemmesDiagne Chanel, President of Comité SoudanHuguette Chomski Magnis, President of Mouvement pour la Paix et Contre le TerrorismeGuillaume Denoix de Saint-Marc, President of Collectif des Familles du DC 10 d’UTANabile Farès, psychoanalystSihem Habchi President of Ni Putes Ni SoumisesJacques Jacubert, President of Bnai Brith FranceKhalis, singerSamia Labidi, President of d’Ailleurs ou d’Ici Mais EnsembleJean-Pierre Lledo, film makerMalka Marcovich, historianDavid Ruzié, Professor of International LawMarlène Samoun, singerPierre-André Taguieff, writer{{Israel}} Arnold Roth, President of Keren Malki{{Italy}}Luca Guglielminetti, International Relations manager of AIVITER Associazione Italiana Vittime del Terrorismo Dante Nostaristefano, President of Associazione Italiana Vittime del Terrorismo{{USA}}Dr Judea Pearl, President of Daniel Pearl Foundation{{To sign international petition}}