A European issue

{{Terrorism is war and the worst sort of war, since it targets civilians.}} The time has come for civil society to say so simply and to dismiss the confusing ambiguity which has prevailed up to now. {{We believe Albert Camus was right when he wrote : “Whatever the cause one is supporting, resorting to the blind massacre of an innocent crowd will dishonour it for ever.”}} It is time for World NGOs, human rights activists and all democratic organizations to deliver this message and say that terrorism aimed at civilians, whatever their nationality and whatever the cause involved, can never amount to resistance. Moral support to organizations condoning suicide bombing must end. Suicide bombing brings about death and sufferance. It purposely kills innocent people. It destroys confidence, creates permanent suspicion entailing daily humiliation and harsh security measures that make life a misery for all. On February 10 th we held a Conference in Paris , with European MP François Zimeray, about the necessity of condemning and fighting terrorism to bring about peace. Dr Jacky Mamou, former President of Médecins du Monde presented last summer’s report on anti Israeli terror attacks. The importance of the role of NGOs in the face of terrorism was stressed. When we learnt that Israeli victims would come to The Hague , we decided to send a small delegation to express our support. We consider that solidarity with them, as with all terror victims, is a universal humanitarian duty. Since International Justice is voiceless and powerless in the face of terrorism and suicide bombing, we think the International Court of Justice does not qualify to question the legitimacy of the Israeli Security Fence. No one can applaud the building of walls between peoples or deny the problems affecting the lives of the Palestinians concerned by its route. But we believethat {{death is worse than walls.}} The defence of human rights must be indiscriminate and value life as the first of human rights. There is no way one can question the Israeli “wall” without working to pull down the walls of hatred that have been built up all around it.. {{Those who say “First of all the Wall must Fall” are completely wrong. First of all suicide bombing must end ! We would be closer to Peace if this issue was clear to all in Europe and in world opinion. We must remember that last year a suicide attack which murdered, among other victims, a young Frenchwoman in Tel Aviv was carried on by two British citizens. Yet important personalities and organizations claiming their commitment to human rights do not seem to have realized it. Two examples of the prevailing ambiguity were given recently. First the “Report on Child Soldiers” missed its point concerning the Middle-East conflict issue. Then the “Snow White” display, allowed into an exhibition organized in connexion with such a major event as Stockolm International Forum on the Prevention of Genocide, cast a shadow on it.Both facts made us react.}}